Pierce County Boat Ramp

Articulated Concrete Blocks, used primarily for erosion control, have become popular in Western Washington for another use. Public agencies have found them useful for retrofitting existing concrete boat ramps along the shorelines in their jurisdictions. This was in response to reports from maintenance crews of frequent boat ramps repairs, both along the edges where inexperienced drivers steer their boats off, and at the bottom where wave action erodes the soil away.

Over the last year, Basalite Concrete Products, Dupont, WA has built a relationship with Pierce County and supplied blocks for several of their ramps. Pierce County was so pleased with Basalite's product and services on the ramps, that they recently signed a five-year contract with us to provide blocks for at least two ramps per year.

Printable Project Experience: PDF icon washington-_pierce_county.pdf

Materials used for this project: 
Submar UltraFlex