About Us

Company History

Basalite began as a part of Basalt Rock Company, Napa, CA in the mid 1930's and was acquired by Pacific Coast Building Products in 1979 becoming one of the largest suppliers of concrete masonry products in Western North America. Product lines include structural block, interlocking paving stones, wall systems, retaining walls, ornamental and garden products, and a full range of packaged concrete/mortar products.

The use of Basalite Concrete Masonry Units, or CMU, has grown rapidly in demand over the past couple of decades. This has been due to not only the building boom in Northern California, but also as result of advances in building design and changes in architectural preference. Today, Basalite Concrete Products manufactures hundreds of types and styles of concrete structural block.

Basalite presents a complete offering of custom colors, shapes, and sizes in most product lines and often works with architects to create effects that showcase the building's design. The full line and custom options are available to builders and developers.



Basalite's Core Values guide our behavior and our business. The test of a company's values is not what is written or said, but by the actions and decisions made every day.

INTEGRITY: consistent behavior that is genuine, truthful and forthright.

SAFETY: an environment in which people take uncompromising responsibility to protect themselves and others.

RESPECT: is recognizing each person, their contribution and perspective.

CUSTOMER FOCUS: our customers' success promotes our success.

QUALITY: is performance that meets or exceeds expectations and industry standards.

INNOVATION: is forward thinking that results in creative ideas that position our organization for success.

FINANCIAL SUCCESS: is assurance of the profitability and stability of the organization.